Amber Norgaard

Amber...when did you receive your calling to a music career? Were you on duty as a nurse or on stage somewhere? You did great Sunday at DHLC in Green Valley

Amber Norgaard responded on 10/15/2010

Thank you!! I TRULY enjoyed the concert at DHLC on 10/3.

Wow...that's an interesting question. I don't feel like it happened at one particular moment. Passion for music has always been in me, but it took time for me to come to terms with pursuing a career that was "out of the box". I pursued a nursing degree because I loved science, working with people, and wanted to do something to help humanity. I didn't realize I could do it through my passion in music. After I began my career in nursing, I began to incorporate song into what I did, particularly in community health settings. That's when I started to understand the power of music-how it unifies people, transcends judgment, and ultimately leads to "healing". I slowly got the courage to perform my original songs publicly. It was the combination of these two things that led me to eventually take a leap and live my passion fully. I feel extremely grateful to be pursuing a career in music.

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