Amber Norgaard

Just listened to the Long Way Home CD. You still rock! Great to hear your voice. MaryW

Amber Norgaard responded on 08/24/2010


Wow! So good to hear from you! Thank you for the compliments on the new album. I'm really proud of it. And thanks for signing up for my mail list.

I think of you often, and wonder how you and your family are doing. I have fond memories of our friendship and time together in Alaska. I just had my top wisdom tooth pulled, and I had to smile thinking of you pulling out my bottom ones on some random weekend where you were "off" of work. Thanks for that.

If you ever get to the Southwest, I'd love to connect with you in person. I'm assuming you're still in Alaska? I hope to get back up there in 2011.

If you feel like corresponding, my email is

Much love,

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